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Custom Coat of arms builder

Coat of Arms or Family Crest

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Main part of the Coat of Arms, upload a picture of your family crest with all the shield elements inside.
Add your family motto to the Coat of Arms!
Add your family name to the Coat of Arms!

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Honor your family name with a one of a kind custom Coat of Arms sculpture!


1. Decide what you want on your custom Coat of Arms in six parts (you don't have to have all of them)

* SHIELD ELEMENTS - The center piece of your Coat of Arms send us pictures of what you want on your shield. (this is standard price in the listing)

* HELMET / CROWNS / CREST ETC - The header of your shield it sets in front of the coat of arms but behind the family name.

* FAMILY NAME - This usually goes in front of the helmet and says the last name of the house.

* MOTTO - This is usually at the bottom of the Coat of Arms (it can say whatever you want)

* SUPPORTERS - This is usually an animal or creature that looks like it holds up the shield on the sides.

* WINGS / WREATHS / MANTLING ETC - Usually this is in the background of the shield and its usually banners, wings, crossed swords etc (look at pictures in listing)

* PAINTED - Powder coated from colors we offer

2. We will need a high resolution clip art style picture of your crest design. and SILHOUETTE pictures of what you want on the shield or what you want to change about your coat of arms. If you do not have this, you can send us what you have and we will see if we can work with it.

3. Roughly what size you want it the most common is between 36"x36" but some people want them wider.

(Either way, we won't build your Coat of Arms until we've sent you computer generated artwork, and you approve it.)

MATERIALS - It is made from 1/8" American made A36 steel, Bolted together with Grade 5 Bolts and has copper spacers between the layers of steel.

SIZE - The max height is 3' tall and length is 6' long, every single Coat of Arms is different we will make it whatever size you want it as long as it don't go over the 3' x 6', the average Coat of Arms we build fits in a 36"x36" box. Sometimes the shield is to large for us to ship so some assembly may be required once it is received and may be in multiple packages, It is very easy to do.

WEIGHT - depending on the detail and size of the Coat of Arms will depend on the weight, most the time the average is 40 to 50lbs.

MOUNTING - we have a cutout on the back of the shields so you can hang it on a 5/16" lag bolt, usually a 5 or 4 1/2" lag bolt into a stud is good enough to hold up any coat of arms.